Dear Customer,
It is with great pleasure that we are contacting you to inform you about the possibility of placing an order for the new 2022 Ford Fiesta NRC EVO2 Prototype.

Latvia based professional rally team NEIKSANS RALLYSPORT with more than 20 years of experience in motorsports has worked closely with the engineers and racing parts manufacturers to design and build Ford Fiesta NRC (Neiksans Rally Cars) rally prototype based on the Ford Fiesta R5. The Fiesta NRC is alternative to R5 cars for national championships at the lower costs similar to N4 and R4.

The initial design and development started in October 2017, with the first test session taking place in September 2018.

The Fiesta NRC has passed through a rigorous development program, having already completed over 4000km of testing in extreme hot and cold climates as well as Tarmac development is planned from now until the start of October 2022.

Smooth gravel, rough gravel, snow and ice, seasoned test drivers, ERC rally winners, and even FIA World Rallycross and FIA Cross-Country winners has tested and developed the Fiesta NRC and no stone has been left unturned in search of optimum speed, reliability and performance.

Based on the latest Ford Fiesta road car, the NRC EVO2 builds on the success of the current NRC model but with a partial overhaul of components, technology and design throughout which will naturally result in an increase in performance. Particular attention has been paid to the overall weight of the car, balance of the car and the new hydraulic steering layout, as well as improved engine design. Combined with a new aero design, taking in design elements from the championship winning 2017 & 2018 Fiesta WRC, the car will look as spectacular as its performance figures.

Ford Fiesta NRC EVO2 technical specification:

Ford Fiesta NRC is designed to National Open or Proto class technical regulations, can be adjusted to any National ASN regulations all over the world. Built according to FIA safety requirements.

Ford Fiesta NRC is Neiksans Rallysport top-specification rally car – producing 350 Hp and 680 Nm of torque (with 34mm turbo restrictor) from its Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X high performance 2000cc turbo charged engine.

Five or six-speed or sequential gearbox a twin-disc clutch and an active center differential offers enhanced control and performance.

Samsonas Motorsport or Reiger Ford Fiesta R5 long travel dampers with external reservoirs are fully adjustable in bump and rebound, while ventilated brake discs with AP RACING four-piston calipers provide the stopping power.

Full chassis and engine data acquisition allows our engineers to conduct on-event diagnostics and performance development, while MoTeC dash screen for driver keep crew informed of car condition.

Improved safety also formed a key part of the Fiesta NRC’s development. A CrMo steel rollcage is welded to the chassis with structural door sill reinforcements.

Attached you can find the 2022 Ford Fiesta NRC EVO2 technical specification.

Ford Fiesta NRC Prototype introduction 2022 PDF
Ford Fiesta NRC EVO2 specification and options 2022-03 PDF

General info:

  • Weight 1250 kg
  • Wheel travel front 280mm, rear 300mm
  • Engine power 350Hp, 680Nm with 34mm restrictor
  • National ASN homologation book


  • Fully fabricated Ford Fiesta body with original floor pan and bulkhead
  • FIA approved rollcage
  • Seat mount tubes and sill tubes for jack and pinstands


  • High performance Mitsubishi EVO X 2.0 litre turbo charged engine
  • Forged pistons, H-beam conrods
  • Racing camshafts
  • Owens development turbocharger
  • Lightweight full carbon air intake with conical racing air filter
  • Stainless steel downpipe and exhaust with FIA catalytic converter


  • High performance Mitsubishi EVO X 2.0 litre turbo charged engine
  • Forged pistons, H-beam conrods
  • Racing camshafts
  • Owens development turbocharger
  • Lightweight full carbon air intake with conical racing air filter
  • Stainless steel downpipe and exhaust with FIA catalytic converter

Electrical / Engine management:

  • MOTEC M150 Engine and ACD control unit with logging memory function
  • MOTEC PDM30, Dash C125, 15 buttons keypad
  • Steering wheel 8-button carbon panel
  • Custom NRC lightweight racing wiring loom
  • Varley RedTop 25 lightweight gel Racing battery

Drive train:

  • Samsonas Motorsport 5-speed sequential dogbox with gear indicator
  • Extreme heavy duty twin disc racing clutch
  • Mitsubishi EVO X active center differential and rear differential
  • CUSCO front and rear Limited Slip Differentials
  • Custom made driveshafs with Ford Fiesta R5 CV joints

Suspension / Steering:

  • Samsonas Motorsport Suspension long travel 3-way adjustable dampers
  • Ford Fiesta R5 NRC CNC machined uprights made of high grade aluminum
  • Ford Fiesta R5 NRC Hubs with motorsport large wheel bearings
  • NRC custom CNC produced R5/WRC rivaling suspension arms, brackets, spigots crossmembers manufactured from aerospace materials
  • Ford Fiesta R5 rear anti roll bar and drop links
  • Quick steering rack with hydraulic power steering (1.25 turns lock to lock)


  • AP Racing 4-piston brake calipers
  • AP Racing front and rear vent brake discs 300x32mm
  • NRC CNC machined aluminum brake disc bells
  • Tilton adjustable floor mounted pedal box with DBW linkage and sensor
  • NRC designed Hydraulic Hanbrake with AP Racing master cylinder
  • High friction Carbon Lorraine brake pads
  • Front and rear brake pressure sensors
  • Front brake cooling ducts with kevlar housings

Fuel system:

  • ATL 60 litre FIA homologated fuel cell with internal fuel collector
  • Bosch high flow fuel pump
  • Lightweight fuel lines with aluminum fittings

Cooling system:

  • Front mounted radiator and intercooler
  • Twin SPAL high flow fans
  • Engine oil cooler

Body work:

  • NRC designed complete kevlar R5 style bodykit
  • Electrically heated front windshield safety glass
  • Polycarbonate sapphire coated side windows with sliding side window kit
  • Carbon fiber rear spoiler, side view mirrors, roof vent kit and hood scoop for turbo cooling


  • NRC designed full carbon fiber lightweight interior (front door cards, center panel, dashboard)
  • Carbon fiber footrest kit for driver and codriver
  • OMP, Sparco or Sabelt Racing Seats FIA Standard 8855-1999
  • SCHROTH 6 Point HANS Harnesses FIA Standard 8853-2016
  • OMP electric fire extinguisher system, LifeLine handheld fire extinguisher
  • Quick release spare wheel strap
  • LifeLine Quick release steering wheel
  • Motorsport heater


  • High durability 6mm aluminum engine and diff guards
  • Underfloor kevlar protection kit (gravel spec)

Wheel / tires:

  • BRAID FULLRACE T ACROPOLIS 7X15" gravel wheels with road tyres 4pcs

Recommended build options / upgrade:

  • Mapping ECU, MDC, PDM, incl. Dyno test and racing track test
  • Racing track test day with engineer
  • Upgrade to new Ford Fiesta R5 Reiger dampers with M-Sport top mounts
  • Upgrade to Drenth or XShift 6-speed gearbox
  • Lightweight kevlar hood with carbon air turbo cooling
  • Extra Aero dynamic package (WRC rear wing, splitters on front bumper to increase downforce)
  • STAUBLI FIA quick panel mounted refuel system (easy access)
  • STAUBLI FIA quick refuel system

Additional options / upgrade:

  • BRAID FULLRACE T ACROPOLIS 7X15" gravel wheel (std white color)
  • BRAID FULLRACE T ACROPOLIS 7X15" gravel wheel Black Edition
  • Stilo WRC intercom
  • Monit rally computer + GPS antenna
  • EVO Corse hydraulic jack
  • Carbon holder for hydraulic jack
  • Wheel nut gun Milwaukee
  • Carbon holder for wheel nut gun
  • Rear wheelarch external kevlar guard kit (gravel spec)