Rally is a team sport. The result is determined by the skill level of the crew, and their ability to focus on every stage kilometre. For this reason, the team work in the service park is especially important – the more a team can do and decide on itself, the less the driver and co-driver have to get involved. With a good service team, the crew have more time to analyse their driving and focus on the next stages, making it possible to improve their results. This is why Neiksans Rally Sport offers full service in both practice and during events.

We offer the following services:

  • Rally car preparation before and after events and tests
  • Logistics
  • Airplane ticket, hotel and rental car reservation
  • Rally car servicing during events and tests
  • Presence of highly qualified mechanics and engineers
  • Servicing truck and small bus for the technical team
  • Management
  • Development of a rally plan
  • Competitor rest area