Before starting his career in rally, Māris Neikšāns raced in rallycross – a discipline which has become increasingly more popular in the last few years. Māris Neikšāns is a four time Latvian champion and can give aspiring rallycross drivers knowledge and tips learned through his own experience. This knowledge has been valued highly by World Rallycross Championship driver Reinis Nitišs, who has used Neiksans Rallysport services multiple times. Rallycross training focuses on choosing the correct racing line, working on various driving styles, picking the right braking points and driving analysis from telemetry data. The programme also spends a lot of time on experiments with car set up, so that the drivers get an understanding on its importance and effect on car handling. Racing school coaching is available with either a personal race car, or one of the Neiksans Rally Sport race or practice cars.