Neiksans Rallysport main coach is Māris Neikšāns – a professional rally driver for over ten years, whose total racing experience, including coaching, is nearly twenty years! The leading Latvian and Russian racing drivers have already used Neiksans Rally Sport coaching to their advantage. One of the most important aspects in rally is writing pacenotes, so this is a topic that is covered extensively. In addition to that, the training process focuses on improving various driving elements, analysing telemetry and on-board computer data. Racing school coaching is available with either a personal race car, or one of the Neiksans Rally Sport race or practice cars. For rally teams who wish to properly prepare for the Latvian or Baltic events, test stages can be set up in Latvia or Estonia.

The training programme consists of:

  • Driver skill evaluation
  • Development of the training program
  • Improving the pacenote writing
  • Work on various driving elements
  • Effective braking and acceleration
  • Left foot braking
  • Initiating and holding a slide
  • Choosing the correct racing line
  • Using weight transfer in corners
  • Information on setting up a car
  • Work with the crew during recce
  • Vehicle data analysis