Neiksans Rallysport is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams in race car building in the Baltic states and Russia, which is proven by the many wins and championships won by their cars. All the cars are built according to individual needs, taking into account the requirements of a particular customer. Before being handed over to the customer, each car built at Neiksans Rallysport is tested on real rally stages in order to ensure the build quality and set the car up according to the driving style, skills and requirements of each customer.

The stages of building a race car:

  • Dismantling of the car and cleaning the body
  • Strengthening the body, welding in a roll cage
  • Painting of the car
  • Changing the standard parts to those needed or racing (suspension, clutch, transmission, etc.)
  • Rebuild of the electric system, fuel supply and brake system
  • Installation of safety equipment
  • Installation of racing equipment
  • Rebuilding engine and other parts to be suitable for racing